Kellner-Béchereau E60

The Kellner-Béchereau E60, the first Gllokit

This is the first resin model released in 1992 or 1993 to please the fellows of Grenoble Model Club. Such a small model prooved to be a good subject to get out to the resin molding. The late George Matherat was the first to go up in a jiffy this kit. It was re-edited in 2010 at the insistence of friends of Master194 forum.
The instruction sheet is available here.

Kellner-Béchereau E60 by Gaëtan Oddou

Kellner-Béchereau E60 by Gaëtan Oddou

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Lallouette and Permangle’s Farman F231 F‑AJVV

A Popular Aviation and record breaker Farman

The series of Farman F230 was born right in the craze of the air raids and marked its credentials by obtaining numerous distance records for speed and light aircraft. Various engines were fitted to the airplane and even a limousine version was released.

Farman 231 (F-ALEX)

Farman 231

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