Welcome to Gllokit blog

Here are Gllokit pages to discuss projects, tips and tricks of scratch modeling.

Gllokit adventure began in 1992 with the creation of the Grenoble Maquettes Club society. The gathering with other enthusiasts prompted to create for the first time from scratch a master of tiny Kellner-Béchereau E60 and reproduce it in resin. Other models have followed over the years : Payen 101, Farman 231, Blanchard C1 and Peyret Alerion.

Today all creation means are easy to find, plastic card, prototyping resin board, silicone and molding resins ; literature abounds on Internet and epoch newspapers or technology archives became digitized and publicized. Forums and blogs are there to emulate entthousiasts of model making, it only needs to add your own imagination. My favorite area : the airplanes, from 20’s and 30’s at the 172 mainly, preferably from scratch !

I tell you of kits already created since the first Kellner-Béchereau E60 until the last master being worked on. Articles will discuss the materials and techniques for scratch modeler, including 3D printing that takes its booming in our hobby and multiplies the creative possibilities.

Are you insterested in some topic ? Some documentation to share ? Please contact me here. Good reading,